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rating directors on a daily basis

Daily Director Ratings
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Rating directors on a daily basis.
This is a community for rating directors. I will post a poll for a different director every day, and you can vote on which of their films you've seen, which are your favorites, which you hated, and what you think of the director overall (vote 1 for horrible, 10 for amazing/brilliant). Please comment and discuss as well. On Wednesdays there's a non-director (cinematographers, writers, themes, etc.) poll, and on Saturdays there's a mini-poll.

A basic rule about voting for favorites:
If you've only seen one film by a director, but you didn't like it very much, don't vote for it as your favorite just because it's the only one you've seen. Only vote for something as a favorite if you really liked it and would reccomend it.

If you make a mistake while filling out the poll, such as not checking a film you've seen, or selecting a favorite under films you hated, then it's really easy to fix it. Just click on "Poll #xxx" or on "View Answers" then click "Fill out Poll". I encourage you to revisit polls as well as you see more films and have new favorites.

Please do not rate a director whose work you've never seen, or vote that you hated a movie you've never seen, or you will be banned.

That's it! I hope you enjoy.

If you have any suggestions or requests, comment on this entry. Please check the memories first.

I reccomend these communities as well: thedailymovie, amovieaday, immoraltales, thedailytvshow, thedailyactor, thedailyvideo, thedailyband, and thedailysong.
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